Sponsorship Specialists

Blue Coast Event Group is well-known for creating dynamic sponsorship programs. Sponsors who participate in our events enjoy the opportunity to directly engage with the community. Sponsors build brand loyalty and demonstrate their community spirit. We offer a wide range of opportunities for sponsors to engage in effective business-to-consumer experiential marketing. Sponsors can create their own on-site activation space, secure exclusive roaming and sampling rights, participate in cross-promotional partnerships or create a VIP experience.

Whether you are looking to boost sales or build customer relations, we provide unique venues for exposure! All of our events are primarily FREE and open to the public. Given the nature of the events, the demographic is broad and diverse.

Sponsorship Acquisition

Blue Coast Event Group are specialists in developing sponsorship programs for major events. If you need assistance in building a sponsorship program, we can help. We can identify your event assets and design a sponsorship platform to assist with revenue generation.

On behalf of our clients, we conduct a comprehensive sponsorship valuation  as a first step in creating a specialized sponsorship sales package. Once we have completed the valuation and designed a professional sponsorship brochure, you are then ready for the sponsorship acquisition phase. Acquiring major sponsors is an arduous task and it requires specialized services. Our industry contacts are extensive. Please contact our office if we can support your efforts in attracting major sponsors for your event.